Producer Images and Videos

Our Lab Process

The following list of quality control measures sets UltraInsights apart from its competitors. 

  • Trait specialization (This simply places less experienced lab technicians on the easier-to-measure traits, saving the hard-to-measure traits for the more experienced lab technicians.
  • All ribeye and cross check lab technicians must be experience in the field and have passed a UGC field certification (A full understanding of the ultrasound process lends to a more consistent and accurate assessment of the ultrasound images in the lab.)
  • All scan sessions are interpreted twice and statistics are run to measure correlation, bias, and standard error.  Any data point in which the “first” and “second” technicians do not agree gets evaluated by an experienced cross check technician.
  • All marginal and rejected images are also evaluated by said cross check technician.
  • Many feedback videos, emails, and texts are provided to field technicians to point out a high occurrence of marginal or rejected images (images which are less than ideal to evaluate.)

“Ideally, we are father along today than we were ten years ago.  What we do today will seem inadequate ten years in the future.  I think growth and development is the natural state of being for UltraInsights and it should always be.” -Becky Hays

The following videos demonstrate how we interpret ultrasound traits in the lab

Ultrasound Process:

Field technicians go out and scan the cattle.

Then the field technicians send us the images, along with the Chute Order Form and Barnsheets.

We Interpret the images and send the data to the correct breed associations.

The breed association then sends the data to you.